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How Changing Your Thoughts Supports Your Success

Let’s talk about mindset and how the right attitude can help you navigate this year. For starters, have you ever been around someone who has a self-loathing or self-deprecating personality? Their energy is weighty and gloomy. They tend to rest on everything they can’t do or how hard something might be instead of seeing the present opportunities. Individuals like this tend to have a limited mindset. They don’t view risk-taking as an option for growth and prefer to play it safe, hoping to avoid problems. These are usually the people in the office that never question or challenge a process. They will continue to follow instructions even if those instructions are outdated and to their detriment. The other side of the limited mindset is dishonesty and an untrustworthy person. This person is overwhelmed by failing. Afraid they will fail to meet expectations or fail to find favor with people. This person might resort to lying or being dishonest because they are not confident in their ability or personality.

However, a growth mindset focuses on building. Whether it’s a career, a relationship, or a business, the growth mindset revolves around positive and productive thinking. So I want to cover three tips to help you create a growth mindset in 2021.

1. Stop focusing on the negative – It’s so easy to dwell on all the things that could go wrong. Highlighting the potential pitfalls can almost feel safe in a way. It allows us to talk ourselves out of opportunities if we don’t feel confident in our abilities. Think about a child that’s afraid to get in a pool. Even though they have never attempted swimming before, the thought of jumping in that much water scares them. Why? Maybe they feel like they will sink to the bottom and not have any control. Or they don’t want to get water in their face or up their nose. That type of fear is probably part of another experience that makes them think something terrible will happen. They easily miss the swimming instructor in the water, waiting for them to get in. They don’t recognize they are wearing the proper safety equipment or their parents holding their hands. But because they were so focused on the scary thoughts, they never realized how protected they were. Many times we miss great opportunities because we are privy to poor experiences. Knowledgeable because the experience might not be ours. It’s usually hearsay and often exaggerated. Stop assuming that failure is your only option. Success is always an available alternative.

2. Protect your senses – Be mindful of what you allow to penetrate your thoughts and your soul. Allowing people to speak negatively about your aspirations, about projects you are working on, or things you’re building will only hold you back and weigh you down. You will never soar if you continue to lower your standards to match their low vibration. Learn to rise above the noise.

3. Don’t share your dreams with irresponsible people – Be selective. Dreams and goals are precious. Not everyone will understand what you are trying to do. The truth is, they don’t have to. You aren’t asking for their permission, even if you want their support. Not everyone will speak with compassion or understanding. So only trust your plans with someone who can share experience and information with you. The wrong voices could be reckless and destructive. Remember, these are not just your goals; this is your life. It would be best if you placed the same scrutiny on accepting their advice as you would researching a new doctor to treat your sickness.

Developing a growth mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen by accident. You have to be intentional about who gets to speak over your life, who gives you advice, and what you allow to control your thoughts. I’ll be honest with you; changing your mindset will shake things up. If this isn’t your standard response, it might make others around you uncomfortable, especially if your inner-circle is judgemental and cynical. I challenge you during this first quarter of 2021 to do something different. Be bold enough to want more. Believe something different for yourself, and see yourself in a new place. If happiness isn’t familiar to you, pursue it with all sincerity. If you’ve never seen success in your lifetime, it’s time to look again.

2021 is the year that you Discover You!

These are absolutely my thoughts…



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