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Hayward & Love is a stationery brand focused on performance and task management routines. We created our stationery workbooks to enhance and compliment your organizational efforts by helping you identify the time wasters in your schedule and maximize your overall productivity. We believe time management adds to your overall wellness, so we carefully included products and services to support your development and self-care. Our line of performance stationery includes planners, journals, notebooks, accessories, and more to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

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The Strategy Journal

The Strategy Journal is a companion to your performance planning process. It is uniquely designed to help you create a repeatable development process by providing a space for a monthly review of your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and a simple approach to managing goal-related tasks. Do all the things and see your progress.

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The Weekly Top 10 Planner

WT10 is weekly planning for the micro organizer who enjoys managing the details. Our weekly planner has sections devoted to recognizing potential pitfalls in your schedule, breaking down task definitions, and mapping out your priorities.

Daily Grace Journal

Daily Grace is your safe space for personal development and accountability. Morning and evening journal writing with daily supportive prompts.

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The Monthly Organizer

The Monthly Organizer is batch planning made pretty. Perfect for the macro organizer who isn't distracted by the details of HOW and needs to stay laser-focused on WHAT needs to be done.

The Coiled Notebook

The Coiled Notebook has a new look, including our softbound front and back cover and signature gold coil spine—60 sheets of lined paper with ample space for note-taking or capturing thoughts. 

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Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is the perfect notebook for note-taking and task management. It includes 50 separate meetings and a Team Action Record (TAR Plans). Select from our limited inventory of textile print cover options. Meeting Notes is soft-bound with our signature gold/brass coils.

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