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Coaching Terms as of November 30, 2023

The following agreement outlines the conditions of the performance management coaching relationship with Paquetia Goodwin and you, the client. You have chosen to receive performance management coaching or have booked an individual or team Planning Workshop. You have made this decision knowingly, are of legal age (18 years or older), and can independently decide to participate. You also understand that coaching is not therapy and will not treat or diagnose medical or mental health-related issues. While there will be parts of this process that are “emotional,” this is not a treatment program for mental health. You are encouraged to seek the proper guidance from a licensed health professional. You understand that you are not obligated to sign up for or participate in any service that Hayward & Love or Paquetia Goodwin offers. You have not received pressure or been forced in any way to participate in this process or work with me, Paquetia Goodwin. Client experiences, outcomes, and results will vary. There will be no refunds for any product or service offered by Hayward & Love or Paquetia Goodwin. After booking, all sales are final.


The terms of this agreement are below:

  1. Program Details:

    1. You have entered a coaching agreement with Paquetia Goodwin and Hayward & Love. You have purchased one of the following Learning Resource Programs:

      • Individual Planning Workshop. This session is 2 hours long and intended to help the client develop a performance planning routine and enhanced time management routines. By booking this session, you agree to pay $325 at the time of purchase.

      • Team Planning Workshop. This session is 4 hours long and intended to help teams develop performance routines. By booking this session, you agree to pay $3200 at the time of purchase.

      • Any on-demand course product

    2. ALL Sessions are via Video Conference (Zoom or Google Meets). All sessions are virtual unless otherwise agreed.

  2. Session Details & Expectation:

    1. Private sessions are scheduled based on an agreed time between you (the client) and myself.

    2. You are required to provide 24-hour notice to reschedule your private session.

    3. You will access the recorded session if a scheduling conflict/emergency prevents you from attending a group session.

    4. Private sessions will be rescheduled as needed and are valid 90 days from enrollment.

    5. Group sessions are at a pre-determined schedule and recorded. If you miss a session, you will have access to the recording to review at your leisure.

    6. You understand and agree that you will participate in discussions, writing prompts, work assignments, and related activities to ensure you fully benefit from the development process. ­­­­­­­­­­­­

    7. If technical difficulties occur on my end, resulting in a delayed start, we will extend our session (if the client is available) or schedule a follow-up session. I will always ensure that we make up for any missed time when a technical impact occurs on my end.

    8. On-demand resources are self-paced. Clients will have access to the course for 12 months. Any downloads will be available on your local device.

  3. Recorded Sessions:

    1. I record ALL virtual group sessions. Clients will have lifetime access to recorded sessions. Group sessions double as on-demand course content for clients who can’t attend live sessions. I do not record private sessions unless asked explicitly by the client. If you want to save a 1:1 session, you must request it in advance via email.

  4. Cancellation and Termination Policy –You understand that I exclusively reserve the right to terminate sessions for any reason. Some of those reasons include consistently missing or being late for sessions, being disrespectful to me or others in the group, being aggressive, argumentative, combative, or showing behavior contrary to the coaching process; I will cancel your sessions. You further understand that terminations are final. Future payments will end if a payment plan is in place. If you paid in advance, you would not receive a refund.

    1. If I need to cancel a session, it will be rescheduled as quickly as allowable and communicated to you once a schedule conflict is known. I will always be respectful of your time and commitment.

    2. If you need to reschedule your private session, you agree to let me know 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. I understand that emergencies happen, and in those situations, please email or text me ASAP. I will work with you to reschedule your appointment.

    3. If you plan to miss a group session, you can get caught up by watching the replay.

    4. Continued canceled or missed appointments will result in the termination of the coaching relationship. Should that happen, you will not be billed for future sessions if you use the payment plan option. However, if you paid in advance, no refunds will be issued.

  5. Payments & Refunds – You agree to make all payments outlined in the payment plan. There are no refunds. Payments made via the payment plan will end, and I will cancel future payments.

    1. The Wix payment system cancels your Plan option if you miss a payment. You will not be allowed to create a new payment plan. You will be invoiced and must bring your account current before your session resumes. Past and present payments will be due upon receipt. Failure to return your account to good standing can result in legal action against you.

  6. Privacy Policy – I will not sell, share, send, or compromise your data. Here is how I use your information:

    1. Email - When you subscribe to the website, enter your preferred email address in the subscribe form. I use this for email campaigns. I will email clients and subscribers from time to time to let them know about changes in Terms, new packages, pricing, features, or services.

    2. Personal Information – When enrolling in service or completing a subscription form, you provide your name, email, and telephone number. This information is retained in our client list and is not shared. I use it to contact you regarding your coaching sessions or other services. I do not share your information outside the Wix platform for unrelated business. Your payment information is not shared or visible to me. I can see your payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.) but not the payment method account numbers. If you submit a testimonial, we must get your consent before sharing your feedback.

    3. Opt-Out – if you no longer want us to contact you via email or SMS, email or click the opt-out link.

  7. Payment Information - I do not see your payment information. I do not see your bank, credit card, or financial information. I use the payment system in, the hosting platform for my website, When you enroll and pay for your service, you enter your payment information to set up ACH recurring payments. If you receive an invoice via email, you will open the invoice and pay using the appropriate payment tools provided by Wix Payments. I have never sent or seen your financial information.

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