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10 minutes to Focus

I wanted to spend a few minutes discussing our ability to focus, especially during this season of temporary isolation. How are we handling the down time? Quarantine has revealed so many things to so many of us. One thing it has reminded me to do, is to pay attention to the things and people around me. So many people have been affected in such a tremendously tragic way from the virus. But for the lot of us, we haven't been impacted in the same harsh way. For those of us that are still able to exist in comfort, lets use this time to pay attention to the needs of others around us. We're okay. But they may not be.

This isn't the usual career post, but it's a timely one. Let's make sure that we are redirecting our attentions, if at all possible, to the benefit of others. So many wish they could isolate in a home. So many wish they could isolate with a loved one. So many wish a friend or a loved one was still alive or healthy enough to annoy them. If we could just spend a few moments and focus, pay attention to a need other than our own. How would it change us?

Just some food for thought...not an indictment or a judgement. Just a perspective. Be well everyone... as always, these are absolutely my thoughts.



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