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Top 3 Tips To Managing Distractions

Top 3 tips to managing my distractions

This mid-week post is about managing our distractions. I won't lie; this can be a task. For me, it definitely is. I'm always thinking about things I want to do, what I need to do, and stuff that I shouldn't attempt to do, but I still think about it, lol. Can you say squirrel?

This is me regularly. This is why I set alerts, write things down, plan plan plan. If I didn't, I know I would be all over the place. My daughter came into my office the other day, looked at my calendar, and asked why there was so much stuff on there already? The month just started. I could only laugh. If I don't get things out of my head, not only does it stay in there, all my thoughts start socializing and cross-pollinating with each other. Eventually, I will forget what I am supposed to be doing or mix the details.

There are a couple of things that help me when I need to get something done, and that is the purpose of today's post -3 tips to managing distractions. So, let's jump into my happy bulleted list.

  1. Brain Dump - this is one of my primary go-to ways to manage my distractions. Getting the tasks out of my head, organizing and prioritizing my lists. I have several posts about how I walk through this process; I will make sure they are listed below. But, it's important to get the details out of your head. Otherwise, you could risk forgetting something important or just missing opportunities to see progress.

  2. Smart Watch Alarm - I like setting my Smartwatch alarm to get things done. Not only does it help to remind me that I'm supposed to be doing something, but I also can set a timer on how long the task needs to take me. This helps me manage my time, so I'm not wasting it on things I haven't planned for. Honestly, you could use your calendar or phone reminders to do the same.

  3. Good music - As a kid, my mom would always yell at me for listening to music while doing homework. I was an A/B student. Not sure why she ever doubted me, lol. But to this day, I love music or something in the background. Not blaring, but enough to support my focus. Background noises are soothing and help me to push through.

Total transparency, this post took me about 2hrs to write. I was good to go, and then I got interrupted, lol.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments. How do you manage your distractions, and what are your go-to methods for keeping yourself on task?

As always, these are my thoughts...



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