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Don't Wait For 2021, Start Now!


So, this post has me all in my feels (feelings). It's because I'm very attuned to the fact that the dawning of a new year is upon us. I don't know about you, but 2020 has sparked a flame inside of me; if I was not determined before, I definitely am more determined than ever. I'm more determined to live my life to the fullest. Not hide behind my fears and definitely not allow my fears to just run wild like an unsupervised child. I have a new, hopeful perspective. I don't want to waste any more time debating if it's the right time; I'm determined to move. So with that said, I hope you are feeling excited about the mid-week post.

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions. I believe that if you are determined to set a goal and reach a goal, you'll do it. No cliche is required. And no shade to you if that's your thing, but it has never been a practice that works for me. But I am a planner. Over the years, I've learned to give myself some grace when a plan doesn't turn out the way I expected. But I plan nonetheless. Even if the entire plan doesn't have the return I expected or I run out of time in the execution, I still feel like I've accomplished something in the planning process. I don't know what your goals are for the new year, but I want to lay out a strategy that works for me, and hopefully, you can find something beneficial for you. So, let's get started.

I was listening to a podcast, and the host was discussing using the SMART goal setting technique. SMART is an acronym that means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relatable, and Timely. So as we discuss goal setting and moving forward, I'd like to use this thought process as a guide and I'll come back and develop it later. And when I say later, I mean in another post.

But for now, I want to focus on the doing. I want to call out 3 reasons why you don't need to wait until January 1st to begin pursuing the things you are passionate about and why you can start making moves NOW.

  1. You Know What You Want - You've been dreaming about this. You've got vision boards, sketch pads, dream statements, idea charts, and Pinterest boards focused on it. Whatever your "IT" is. Your friends and family are tired of hearing you talk about it and wondering when you will take the leap. You're probably already doing it or some version of it, so it doesn't make sense why you won't go ahead and start. It's your passion project and natural gift. You know what you want, and you know how to get started. Even if there is a small learning curve, you'll learn.

  2. You Have Convinced Yourself of The Negative - One of the reasons we delay starting something new is that we convince ourselves that we can't start without having all of the details in order. But the truth is, we start new things almost daily, and we're not sure if it will work out. That's part of the journey. You try a new hairstyle, nail polish color, a new recipe. We try something new more than we think. If it doesn't work out, we don't consider it a complete fail. We make adjustments as often as we need to for the things that we want. So, if "this" is something you want, you'll find a way to make it work. I don't want to minimize the fears or the anxieties related to starting and possibly failing. Those emotions and experiences are real. But be clear about what scares you. I did a video talking about unpacking the fear statements we hide behind. You can check it out here: Fear Statements. Make sure you're not allowing an assumption of failure to keep you from exploring an opportunity. Besides, you don't need all of the steps to walk forward. You only need the next one.

  3. The Longer You Wait, The Harder It Will Be - Let's face it, time and life doesn't slow down or wait for us to decide if it's a good time. You've heard it said that if you had started this time last year, you'd be a year further than when you started. Well, it's true. If you wanted to go back to college 3 years ago, you'd have a year left. You'd be a year in your new role, a year further in your new career. A year in an amazing relationship. Delaying until all the stars align into place may not ever happen. And while you are waiting for everything to line up perfectly, time is still moving. Life is still going on. Let everyone else wait for the right time. Your time is now!

Guys, we are in the final stretch of the year. If you've learned anything from this year, it should be don't waste opportunities and moments. Nothing is promised, not even time. Many people thought they had more time to plan or consider their options, and it just never panned out. Some people waited for the right time to bet on themselves and ultimately missed their moments. 2020 also opened up new opportunities and moments for so many, but people missed those moments because of unmanaged fear. I'm saying that doesn't have to be you. It does not have to be me or us. We've been blessed to dream and to be innovative. We've been blessed with creative ideas and dreams. We have desires, plans, and goals. What are you waiting for? You already have permission! Take the first step. The rest will reveal itself. Any detours up ahead won't reveal themselves until you start moving. So get moving. Stop talking yourself out of it. You've already done that so many times before. This time, do something different. Talk yourself into it. Into a new career, a new relationship, a new home, a new city, a new country. Talk yourself into a new sense of self. Tell yourself that you can and you will. If you are wondering, yes, it's possible. Yes, you have what you need. Yes, Yes, and more yes. I hope you are invigorated, charged up, and ignited to live. With every intention, with every purpose, with every breath. Just live. And not be afraid. Don't wait for 2021. Do it now.

I'm going to spend time making sure you seize it all. Not just the day but your time, your life, and your passion. I never said it would be easy. I'm just saying it has to be worth it. Get ready y'all...we doing it!

These are absolutely my thoughts...



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