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How I Stay Organized - Top 3 Tools To Manage It All!

Organization is not about matching what works for others. It's about creative ways to manage the things that are important to you.

Happy Sunday, Folks! I wanted to kick off this week to talk about some simple and fun ways to get everything done. Or, at a minimum, make sure that you remember you need to do it. Here we go—my top 3 tools for managing anything. Let's go! By the way, this post will have affiliate links included; read my disclaimer or check out my Terms page for more information on how I use affiliate links on this site. You can view my full list of productivity tools here.

  1. Wall Calendar - I love my wall calendar. It sits across from my desk, and I use my colored markers to plan content for social media, my blog posts, and planning activities for my family. I only use one wall calendar. I've been using the Cambridge wall calendar for about 3 or 4 years now. They sell it at Target and Amazon; however, it's cheaper at Target. You need to get it at the end of the year because it sells out immediately once January rolls in. Probably because it's a beautiful gold and white calendar, and it's functional. The date boxes are large enough to mark up and take notes, it's already dated, and each page has a "perspective" section for note-taking.

  2. 11 Disc Planner Notebook - I'm a DIY planner/journal page type-of-girl. I have been for years. I'm working on creating digital journal and planner pages, so if that interests you, stay tuned. Currently, I'm using the gold disc inserts and the black and white striped covers by Tul and Discette. Both companies I've found on Amazon, but I'm not sure if they sell either of the products anymore. However, the gold discs can be found anywhere, and I hear that Michaels sells them for a few pennies less. I love a pretty journal and planner. I love pretty and productive even more. The reason I opt for the page inserts is a long story. The short version is back when I was an Assistant; my manager used the Levenger system. I loved it so much that she gifted me a junior journal. I was in love with it. What I appreciate about the disc system is that I can refill at my leisure. This way, I'm not buying random journal planners just for the sake of getting a new one. I love undated pages, so I'm not forced to write in it every day to keep track. I only need the day of the week. Because I write on my wall calendar, notebook pages, and sticky notes...I can just write the date in myself, and it all works together for my good. Dated pages would work also, but again, I use my wall calendar, and it all makes sense for me to have undated pages that I can jot notes or details on when I need them. I also have lined notebook pages all in one book, so that system works well for me. But if you are someone who prefers dates on the pages, dated pages are definitely an option. The good thing is, you can design a disc notebook system however you need based on what suits you.

  3. Black and White Sticky Notes and Chalk Pens - Ladies!! These white chalk pens on black sticky notes are my new jam. It's the sleekest way to keep notes and makes me feel super accomplished. For no other reason than I think it looks good, lol. I'm using the Super Sticky Post It version for both the white and the black. My secret for sticky notes is creating a visual status tracker or Kanban board (I've talked about this before). I create notes under categories, and I update the status as I go. This prevents the need for clunky dry-erase boards or sticky notes all over my monitor. I have a door in my office, so I use that. It's also a great way to collaborate on content that I'm considering for social media or blogs. But if you have family tasks or chores for the kids, all of this makes sense and is easy to do and cleans up well. Just because they are super sticky does not mean they don't remove easily. When you're done, just toss them. Simple as that.

One thing that is very important to me is keeping things simple and having a solid routine. These activities keep me in a mode of getting things accomplished. I think naturally, I am a lazy, chill person. So this helps me continue to perform while not constantly doing more than I need to. For me, it's the best of both worlds. Organization is not about matching what works for others. It's about coming up with creative ways to manage the things that are important to you. Again, LivingLifeRatedPG is about creating a career and life that YOU design. Not one that someone else is telling you how to create. If you are looking for new fun ways to get organized or help your family get organized, maybe these tips will work for you.

As always, these are absolutely my thoughts...



*Disclaimer - The thoughts contained in these posts are my own. The advice and tips shared are based on my experience as a working professional. As a certified career and organizational coach, I do share this knowledge with my clients. I do not guarantee any particular results, as results and experiences will vary. Some of my blog content is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in my blog is intended to be used to diagnose or treat any emotional, mental, or medical condition. For that, please see the appropriate professional. For additional information, please refer to the Terms of this site.

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