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3 Success Tips For A Meaningful Job Search

A meaningful job search is about taking the time to prepare for job searching, identifying the targets for your search, and executing your search with purpose and intent.

This week I made an IG post about executing a meaningful job search. I recognize that most people don't associate "meaning" with their job search. Looking for and finding a job is less about meaning for most of us and more about necessity. We need to find a job because we need to provide for our families, pay bills, and need money. So, I wanted to elaborate on my thoughts in this week's post. So without further delay, let's dive into my happy bulleted lists. My top 3 ways to execute a meaningful job search. My sub-heading is probably, 3 things that each job search needs to be successful. Here we go.

  1. Preparation - I do not ever recommend jumping into anything without any insight into the risk, reward, and work involved. Your job search shouldn't be any different. Before making changes to your resume or giving your letter of resignation, you need to spend time understanding if a new job right now is the best option for you. Also, what roles are you considering? Have you researched salary ranges? Companies, locations, etc.? It would help if you had some level of understanding of this before jumping in headfirst. You don't want to jump ship and realize you forgot to test the efficacy of your life raft.

  2. Direction - Once you are prepared and have a good idea of your targets, the next step is to aim in that direction. Based on your research, you can narrow your focus down to specific roles at specific organizations. This is where you focus and silence the noise around you as it relates to your search. You will find that many things "look" like they are a good fit, but narrowing your focus will help you identify the opportunities that actually fit.

  3. Intention - With an understanding of what you are targeting, planning your execution strategy is important. Will you work with a recruiter or company job sites, or job boards? Additionally, is your resume strong enough to carry your personal messaging in rooms and spaces that you won't be in? Keep in mind that you will not always be the person delivering your resume. It will get posted, uploaded, emailed, and shared. People will review it independently of speaking to you. You won't be available to answer questions immediately. So your resume needs to be strong enough to do what you need it to do. So if you think you are ready to jump into the job market, your resume should be equally confident.

A meaningful job search is about taking the time to prepare for job searching, identifying the targets for your search, and executing your search with purpose and intent. That includes giving the same scrutiny and attention to your resume. I know the challenges of doing this and getting it right, so I highly recommend getting counsel from someone if you are unsure where to begin. Remember, the job search is not about leaving a bad situation but about finding the right situation. Do right by yourself, and do the work necessary. You certainly are worth it.

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