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Packing Tips So You Don't Lose Your Mind!

Hey guys!! I'm deviating from the usual post to share some packing tips that have been a lifesaver for me with a double move. Allow me to say that I hate moving. I love new beginnings, but I hate the process of getting there. That statement alone is an entire blog post, and when I have time, I'll definitely explore it.

But I didn't want to avoid the Sunday post, so I thought it would help to provide some tips for my audience that is packing or organizing. This will be fairly quick. Let's jump into the bulleted list.

  1. Before tackling your packing, make sure you have the proper supplies. Before you make a list and start wrapping and sorting, make sure you have the basic things you need to get the job done—boxes, plastic storage bins, tape, labels, bubble wrap, Sharpies, all of it. I'm suggesting identify and secure your supplies first because I feel like it helps to anchor you to what is about to happen. Once you see the supplies, you know what you have to do. Or at least you should. While you can do it later, I feel like that will only delay how quickly you can begin.

  2. Define a process for packing. Are you going to purge before you pack, or purge as you go? Will you tackle room by room, focus on one floor, and move to the next? I'm not going to suggest how this process unfolds, but I will suggest you recognize it's a process, and you'll need to decide what your strategy is. Trust me, this part is critical. Knowing where you will start is important because you can store all your packed or purged items in the empty space once that area is done.

  3. Use packing plastic wrap to secure tiny items in place. So, I found this packing plastic wrap on Amazon, and it's been a game-changer. I use it to wrap my entire utensil tray, my makeup tray, any trays, to be honest. But not just trays. If you have pantry snack baskets, you can wrap them. Anything with small things inside, you can wrap them. I wrap these items and then stack them in a larger box. The worst part of packing (other than packing) is packing the little things. Covering them in plastic wrap is like one less thing to worry about. And it makes unpacking easier. I don't have to wash all of those utensils. YAY!!

  4. Clean as you go. I know you will have to clean the space once you are all done, but the more you can control the amount of mess you will face, the better. Don't pack your cleaning supplies until the very end. You want to make sure you can use them at the end of your packing adventure and have them handy to start your unpacking journey.

Packing and unpacking are not things that I would wish on anyone. Definitely not without a plan in place. I hope these tips are helpful additions to your moving tasks. Don't get overwhelmed, and don't start throwing stuff away because you're tired, lol. Someone in my house who will not be named does this when things go left, lol. I hope if you are moving, it's someplace safe, makes you happy, brings you joy, and is surrounded by love.

Have a great week!!

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