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Should You Take That Promotion?

I'm asked often about what I like to call "dry promotions". Dry promotions are job promotions, that do not come with a pay or salary increase. It's usually just a change in your functional (operational title, describes exactly what you do in your role), or corporate title (speaks to the hierarchy of your organization - VP, SVP, EVP etc). These dry promotions almost always, with all assurity, come with additional responsibility and often an additional learning curve. But the problem that most people face is the fact that it comes with NO MONEY!!

So, as I've said before, I get this question at least once a month from someone...yes seriously I do. Someone is always interested to know "if you were me, would you take this promotion?"

While I'm a HUGE advocate of getting the salary that you deserve, my response to this question is always...ALWAYS YEAH!!! But only when it makes sense.

Here is the perspective that I will offer anyone considering a "dry" promotion.

  1. Consider your career path - does it continue in your organization, at your company or with this particular team? If it does, you'll need to understand if the additional workload is preparing you for a full promotion, a leadership role or some other matriculation.

  2. Will you gain marketable experience in your field? - Will the added responsibilities teach you skills that you can package on your resume, and carry to another role/organization?

  3. Do you want the title change? - Money aside, are you excited about the title change? Does it change your role completely, or change your positioning in the organizational hierarchy? For example, does it shift you from Team Lead to Supervisor? Will it make you happy?!!

  4. Does it allow you to finally use a specific skill? - Are you able to showcase some specific skills or discipline that you have that may not have been relevant in your previous capacity?

If any of the above resonates with you...take the promotion. The money will come. It's possible that what you need right now is the development and opportunity to grow and prove that you are capable. Whatever you decide, I strongly urge people to consider the options and weigh them as it relates to your career path and plans. Don't refuse without making a full assessment. Make an informed decision and do what's best for you. have permission!!

If you want to review your resume and talk through your options, schedule the Resume reBrand.

Together we can figure out if your next step opportunity, is the right opportunity for you.

As always, these are absolutely my thoughts....



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