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The Tired Truth

This week is pretty busy, and despite all of my techniques to avoid it, it's quite disorganized. It won't be a long post because I recognize I'm behind on a few things, so I need to do something vital before I end up further off track. I need to go to bed. And just like that, this is my thought for today.

I've been attempting to burn the candle at both ends and a little in the middle. I've been working til about 2 am every night. I'm so focused on the output of my efforts that I haven't noticed that I'm just exhausted. It didn't really hit me until today. In hindsight, I just pushed through some moments that I know I should have stopped and gone to bed or just paused some things for a few hours. But I gave myself a time limit and then tried to wind down and thought that would work.

Well, today, it all fell apart. My body just completely took over. I was sitting down to work after making a cup of tea. I remembered sighing because I was tired. An hour later, my daughter came in and asked if I was working today? Yes, you read that right, an hour later. I fell asleep! Without warning...I fell soundly and deeply asleep. Why am I sharing this? Aside from the rest of the day being a complete fog and nowhere near productive, I want to share two lessons learned, and both should be really obvious:

  1. Sometimes, despite your best efforts and a well-constructed plan, crap happens. You can adjust when you can adjust. But sometimes, things happen outside of your control, and you have to work through it. Whatever your "it" is.

  2. Listen to your body. We tell our kids when they want to play all day, "you need to take a nap after lunch so you won't be cranky later." The message is still valuable when we're older. We need rest. Our bodies and minds need time to recover. Otherwise, we become susceptible to breaking under the weight of our responsibilities and obligations. I've been trying to maintain this pace for a few weeks, and I realize I can only go so hard before I abruptly fall asleep.

I guess if you take anything away from this mid-week post, it should be simple. Take care of yourself. Get your full night's rest because at a certain age, staying up until the wee hours of the morning isn't fun, and it causes more problems than it's worth. I'm going to bed early so tomorrow I can accomplish everything I missed today. And besides, heavy bags under my eyes aren't a good look for me.

As always, these are absolutely my thoughts...



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