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Failing to meet your goals happens for a few reasons:

1. Not having a well-constructed plan

2. No straightforward execution approach

3. Overcommitment or taking on more than you can deliver.


The Strategy Journal is an answer to that. Personal strategies are defined plans. They provide clarity on the What and How, and they exist to make sure you can do what you have planned. We do this by focusing on the increment, or the smallest part. This journal is a companion to your performance planning process, creating SMART goals, defining your personal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, or creating an efficient approach to manage goal-related tasks.


This journal includes worksheet pages to support your plan definitions.


Non Sections

  • Instructional pages
  • Ownership page
  • One year at a glance page (not in a section)
  • 12 monthly dividers


Monthly Section Breakdown:

  • 1 SWOT analysis worksheet
  • 1 Month at a glance (un-dated) Page
  • 1 SMART Goal Worksheet
  • 1 Commitment Worksheet
  • 4 Weekly Top Ten Tasks Pages
  • 4 Weekly Retrospective Pages
  • 1 Quarterly Self Assessment
  • Notes pages in each section



Each journal is 8.5X11 inches with brass coils, and corner detail. Front and back covers are made of chipboard and wrapped in stretch vinyl. Monthly section breaks printed in 24lb parchment. Journal and worksheet pages are 24lb premium paper.


Please allow 7 -10 days for processing and shipping

The Strategy Journal

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