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Create the Perfect Morning Routine

Reflections from Cape Town: Three lessons I learned about creating intentional routines and setting the morning's pace and rhythm.
Hayward & Love - Cape Town, South Africa

It has been over a year since I shared my thoughts on this blog. It's also not lost on me that I'm choosing mid-August to dive in again. There is no reason other than it feels like a sensible time to share. I want to use this comeback post to discuss our mornings while reflecting on my epic trip to Cape Town, South Africa. As a planner and someone who endeavors to keep as much of my life in order as possible, I want to share three simple lessons I was reminded of during this beautiful experience.

Before jumping in, to clarify, this is not a deep dive into the experience in Cape Town or the trip details. However,

Now that we are on the same page let's jump into these three lessons to help set intentions for our morning and help pace our day.

  1. Lesson One: Decide What You Need - It's a question we don't often ask ourselves. We assume we know the answer. I bet if your immediate response is something like time or money. But honestly, those are probably consequences of the actual need. Likely, something like time isn't the problem. Instead, the mismanagement of time causes you to waste time or lose time. So the ask is essential. It also clarifies where the disruption in your day is. I should also point out that this takes some time. How much is up to you. How willing are you to be honest about what keeps you from making the most of your day with joy? Sometimes, the answer is the monster under the bed that you avoid and refuse to acknowledge.

    1. bonus: Name the giant - giants are obstacles or challenges. It's easy to confront and manage something you can identify.

  2. Lesson Two: Frame Your World With Your Words - How many negative statements about your life, ability, or plans do you speak at the beginning of your day? I get it; sometimes life-be-lifeing, and you roll with the punches. It should be the exception and not the rule. Instead, set the tone for your day with a prayer, meditation, self-declarations, or any positive thought about your day, plans, and potential. Learn to create an atmosphere that allows you to thrive and not one that keeps you focused on past mistakes or problems without solutions. This time for self-development and reflection will be foundational to your morning routine. Consider:

    1. Carving out 30 minutes or more before you officially start your day.

    2. Take notes about thoughts or ideas that come to you during your quiet time.

  3. Lesson Three: Feed What Needs To Grow - Food is fuel, so give your body, mind, and soul what it needs to flourish. While I'm perfectly happy with toast and a latte, I'm a dark cloud on a sunny day without it. It's the same when I find myself in a negative or stressful headspace. Sometimes, I cannot raise my vibration alone. I can't see the positive or rise above the stress. So, I surround myself with things I can draw encouragement from, whether it's notes to myself, reflections from previous victories, reviewing retrospectives, songs, poems, previous journal entries, or anything that affirms and supports my wellness.

Creating a morning routine should never be driven by popular trends but rather by a focused effort to create a space of reflection and preparation for you to begin your day. As you learn more about what is important to you, your needs and activities will change to accommodate the needs of your routine. The goal of your morning routine should be to help you move through the entire day. It should charge and energize you for what is ahead and inspire you to keep moving forward.

In case you are new here, I'm Paquetia—the owner of Hayward & Love ™ - a stationery brand focusing on performance and task management. I'm a busy woman, wife of 30 years, mother of four, certified organizational and career development coach, and lover of life. I believe time and how we spend it lies at the center of so many of our decisions. So, it is my pleasure to help my clients declutter their schedule so they can fill it with things they love. To learn about our stationery workbooks, click here ----> Performance and Development.

I wish you peaceful mornings full of grace and all that you need xoxo...


*Disclaimer - The thoughts contained in these posts are my own. The advice and tips shared are based on my experience as a working professional. As a certified career and organizational coach, I do share this knowledge with my clients. I do not guarantee any particular results, as results and experiences will vary. Some of my blog content is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in my blog is intended to be used to diagnose or treat any emotional, mental, or medical condition. For that, please see the appropriate professional. For additional information, please refer to the Terms of this site.

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